We promise to provide Premium Handcrafted 100% Vegan products made with the highest of   standard of quality for our BojLoves and their families.

The Boj Promise

Boj Oil $14.99

Boj Oil is an all natural olive oil based nutrient dense, versatile oil. This fomula absorbs into the dermis of your skin and the cortex of the hair shaft, as it nourishes, moisturize and protect your skin and hair. Olive oil is one of the best plant derived oils on the planet and its verasitily to moisturize our hair and skin is amazing and we didn't stop there... We wanted you to have a versatile, light, dry skin and hair food oil that would absorb into your skin and hair within 3 minutes without leaving you greasy, and keeps your skin moisturized and glowing even washing your hands.Our blend is vitamin E, vitamin K, mint, egyptian basil, aloe vera, green tea, ginger and yucca enriched. Our formula is very special to us it's our first product and included as the major moisturizing component in many of our products. Boj Oil is made with love and we want to give you the opputunity to love your moisturizer by choosing your favorite organic (alcohol free) fragrance. Great Results for dry skin, sensitive skin, eczema, diabetic skincare and footcare and safe for the entire family.

Numb $19.99

Numb is an Organic Root Stimulator awakenings your scalp and hair follicle.  Our therapuetic grade herbal formula assist with HAIR GROWTH, EDGE REGROWTH,  HAIR THICKENING and IRRITATED SCALP. Our hair follicle and scalp feeding formula is blended with mint, sage, rosemary, tea tree, cayenne oil and jamaican castor oil and more...increasing blood circulation to your scalp while creating intense stimulation, tingling, numbing to scalp, encouraging increased hair growth and follicle awakening. This herbal cocktail is an easy to use spray and works well for all hair styles.. spray inside braids, between tracks of sew-ins, hair pieces, under wigs. Works great for natural and processed hair. Great relief for itching dry scalp and the tension pulling that new tight braids, hair styles and sew-ins may cause.

Boj Butter $16.99

The Absolute BEST Body Butter on the market. This super concentrated cocktail of premium butters and is amazing for skin, natural hair and hands & feet. This thick formula absorbs into your skin and seals the moisture into skin and hair. Our amazing formula has coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, almond oil, boj oil, aloe vera and vitamin E. Giving you absolutely amazing results for Eczema, Extremely Dry Skin, Dry Skin Conditions, Diabetic Skin & Footcare and The Ultimate Moisturizer and Sealer for NATURAL HAIR.

Boj Scrub $15.99

Boj Scrub is an amazing 100% Organic Brown Sugar Scrub is the perfect exfoliator with organic brown sugar steeped in boj oil, laced with baking soda ( for ph balance), rose petal powder( gentle cleansing, soothing inflammation,  soft exfoliation) and sprinkled with lavender buds (anti-inflammatory, antiseptic properties). This formula exfoliates your face and entire body at different textures to assist with removing and sloughing off all dead skin cells as well as balancing your skin's ph levels. Use all over to have a beautiful glow. Great for face hands & feet, décolleté, legs and body and made with love.

We have many more of the Best quality products for you and your family coming soon...

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