We promise to provide Premium Handcrafted 100% Vegan products made with the highest of   standard of quality for our BojLoves and their families.

The Boj Promise

Boj Oil Products were developed by me...Nikki Stewart (aesthetician). While studying esthetics I became pregnant and didn't want stretch marks. Since my mom had them I was told to accept my genectics and deal. Deciding that I indeed could not deal, I started asking questions and testing my super oil on my classmates, instructors as well as searching The Great Book for guidance to make the best moisturizer able to feed and protect my skin so that it could stretch as far as it needed to without having to generate new skin and (bam) Boj OIl was born. Really never thinking about making a product for others I was developing the best products for myself and people kept asking me for advice, tips and my product so I decided to make it for us. So here we are with Boj Oil Products. Surely only the Only the best for us... right? No chemicals, all vegan premium ingredients and natural fragrances with our needs and conveniences always considered. Please fell free to ask for specific needs, give input and tell me how Boj Oil Products are working for you. As I am currently finishing our line of organic and natural products and you have the right to give input and express your needs. With Love and Honor.. I welcome you to high quality products made for royalty ( u & I). Love ya! Enjoy!